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Hi! I am Sara.

An architect, interior designer, coach & healer, I support you in discovering yourself and becoming the person you most want to be. How?

Find out who we are and what we do for you.

Most people feel something like this. You too?

You desire to improve your life

  • You want to feel some change and renewal in your life, but you don’t really know where to start.
  • You are really busy and often tired (and unaware it might be the energy of your home causing it).
  • You want to create a home where you & your loved ones thrive in harmony.

You want to be better than yesterday

  • You feel like there is so much more to you that you haven’t been able to express yet.
  • You want to become your best, reach your potential but don’t know where to start.
  • You want to find your purpose in this life but haven’t quite found your answers yet.
  • You are on a deep spiritual path and on a mission to heal your karma.

You want to live in a home that represents who you are

  • You always wanted to live in a home that represents who you are but never found a style or designer that understood you.
  • You love your home and often look at inspiring images in the media, wishing to live like that.
  • You want a designer who combines style and science to enhance your quality of life.

You want to to live in harmony with the energies of the planet

  • You know homes harness the energy and want to use that potential to improve your life.
  • You know of the presence of electromagnetics & quantum physics and want to create a home that is in harmony with everything.

You wonder: “How can my home
change my life?”

Explained in a simple way: because 95% of all you do and feel in a day is unconscious, every one of your gestures when putting together your spaces is a mirror of how you think, and of which attitudes and beliefs you have.

By discovering your home you discover yourself.

By transforming your home you tweak any aspect of your life, bringing out the best in yourself (whatever that word personally means to you!) in a self-renewing continuous self-energizing cycle. And that’s what we teach you.

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For centuries, scientists, architects and thinkers have been analyzing how space influences humans. An emerging body of research today connects the dots to reveal a clear link between our surroundings and our personal development.

Our subconscious is hereby not only directly influenced by colours, odours, sounds and lighting conditions. Furthermore, the places which surround us are embedded in higher scientific energetic coherence and influence our nervous system in different ways.

Astonishing? We think so, too.

That is why we unify findings from neuroscience, electromagnetism & spiritual metaphysics (quantum physics!) in the BIOHARMONIZED®approach. To find out more explore our knowledge blog.

You have a personal energy field.

It’s distinct. It makes up who you are. And so do your spaces.

As a kid, Sara could feel the energy in spaces.

Nobody believed her at first. But when they let her, she’d rearrange every home she could.

People were dazzled by the effects. They felt refreshed, liberated. But she knew there was more. What she felt had to be explainable.

Sara discovered an almost forgotten millenary energy science and went to India. Trying to find scientific evidence behind this knowledge she found it in electromagnetics.

This knowledge which bridged spirituality with science led her to delve deeper into the correlation between consciousness and inhabited space.

Sara kept studying other sciences like neuroscience and delving into quantum physics, integrating them into her work to design spaces that have that special energy that can be felt.

So why do some struggle with life while others thrive under the most complicated conditions?

Do you think it’s due to personality? Life conditions? If goes further than that according to Sara. After two decades of research, she has found the answers for herself and tackled most of what was weighing on her soul keeping her from doing what she truly wanted.

Do you know how does life behaves? What the rules are? How your job can become your daily pleasure? How you can live fulfilling relationships? In simpler words:

Do you know what needs to happen for you to release things you want to get rid of and attract other’s you’d love to have?

What if I told you that you can reverse anything you want? Sara’s clients say she is a shortcut to your success due to her ability in pinpointing quickly what the reason for a lacking flow in your life is.

Are you ready to become the next version of yourself?

We bring you the quality that will enhance your life.

Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you treated yourself? Wearing a really well-made shoe, getting an amazing haircut, receiving premium treatment from a person that loves you, even just hearing thanks from someone? When you treat yourself to quality, you show your Self-love.

Everything we do here is about you.

It’s about you living a better life in spaces custom made to your needs, talents and inclinations. Designed to bring out the best in you with as little effort as possible. We use different sciences (read here) including the most sophisticated and most secretly held ones that have always been reserved to few.

“BIOHARMONIZED® is an exclusive journey through your subconscious towards self-empowerment.”

— Sara Gabriella Battelli

What people are saying.

Sara is one of the most extraordinary individuals I have ever come across. […] She draws on a number of diverse schools of thought in order to do the work she does. […] She is also deeply insightful and tunes into her intuition and ancient wisdom teachings in order to help her clients breathe life into the homes and buildings of their dreams. Hailing from a multi-cultural, multi-lingual background, […] and she’ll challenge you to go deeper as she coaches you through a process of evolution as you journey with her when you engage with her.
Amy Hackett-Jones | Brilliance. Powered by Peace. Coach, Healer,  Speaker, Author | London, UK

What people are saying.

“Sara is a fantastic listener, making you feel heard and fostering trust in her commitment to achieving the best for you and the project.

She has a magic touch, seeing the essence of people and bringing out the best in them. Sara values you personally, and empowers you.”

Luis G. Cobo | Serial Entrepreneur | CDMX, Mexico

Mission statement

Create private and commercial architectural projects which promote the physical and mental evolution of their users through the use of science. Deliver additional value to members by facilitating content, contacts and events that provide:

The knowledge that expands our perspective and awareness on issues connected to our physical and mental wellbeing as well as the harnessing of underestimated forces of the planet. 

Product reviews for everyone who seeks state-of-the-art technology and knowledge to evolve in their personal life.

A network of professionals for everyone who seeks personal evolution through different tools and pioneering fields of knowledge.

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