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Bioharmonizing™ is a life changing experience to find out who you truly are, where you truly want to go and how to liberate your Self from anything that you don’t want to experience anymore.

At Bioharmonized, we integrate, teach and apply dozens of healing modalities. All of them are needed to create spaces that will take your life to another level.

Bioharmonization is the process of harmonizing biochemical, hence biophysical, biological and psychological aspects of the human body. It encompasses everything you need to feel well. This is why we have spent decades studying and practicing all these modalities.
Find a short and incomplete list of modalities below:

Neurolinguistic Programming, Brainspotting, EMDR, various types of Meditation, Heart Rate Variability Training, Breathwork, Theta Healing, Shekhem Healing, Reiki, Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, Hypnosis, Astrology (western and vedic), biophilia, vocal toning, sound healing, frequency healing, electromagnetic healing, energy healing, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, circadian rhythms and so much more.

The Space Around Me

As I wander wearily through the open door

my skin sheds, my body- no more

brick, mortar, bone all blend in

my inner Self, dissolving



integrating with what I made.

A mirror of me,

a complement

to my journey.


The safe space seduces something inside

making me feel like I’ve nothing to hide.

Creativity, inspiration, courage erupts.

A new idea then disrupts

the old


fears I embraced.

Mutualism in masonry

guiding my soul

setting me free.


Thoughts swirl in newfound knowledge.

A new concept I have to acknowledge.

Did I design this home,

or is it designing me?



creating what I didn’t see.

I am this space

and this space

is me.

Chris Oosthuizen inspired by Sara Gabriella Battelli

Feeling happy is what we all ever want


Fill that void & feeling of helplessness that arises at times and gives you a sense of discomfort and lostness.


Eliminate physical pains, quit apologizing, quit feeling guilty, quit feeling insufficient, and quit caring about others’ opinions.


Discover who you truly are, what you want to do and become in your life. Gain a clear sense of direction, control and peace.


Forgive your Self anything past, remember how to love your Self deeply. Feel uplifted, become motivated, feel full and happy on your path.


Learn how to talk to your home and use it as a surprising tool to support you in your transformation.


Explore the origins of your emotions, learn how to master them, discover your unique hidden powers, become invincible.

Most people feel something like this. You too?

  • You have some physical problems that kick in in specific situations and keep you from doing what you want.
  • You often struggle with true happiness, somehow make it through your days but truly think this can’t be it.
  • You are looking to dedicate yourself to something new in life but don’t know what.
  • You ask yourself who you are and what you really want from life.
  • You know there is something within you that you haven’t been able to express yet.
  • You feel like you can’t do certain things (like following your dreams) because of your spouse, family, life situation, covid…


Hi! I am Sara Gabriella.

A Swiss-trained architect & interior designer, since I was a little girl, two things have been clear to me, despite my age.

1: I could see people’s best version of themselves and feel who they were at soul level. I asked myself why they couldn’t do so themselves and I understood I had come to support others in doing so. 2: I could see images of impressive palaces in front of my eyes and didn’t know they were memories. I knew I was going to be an architect.

Healing my luggage of this and past lifetimes has been what I have dedicated my life to. I have gone through decades of bullying, chronic health issues, dramatic family situations, working as a woman in construction in a male-dominated country, and more. I have searched in every direction, tried innumerable techniques, coaching, healings, I studied and trained to restore my abilities as a healer myself next to my design work.

Since my teenage years, supporting others to see them bloom and becoming their personal best happened intuitively. I beautified women with make-up artistry, photography and styling in my twenties, created unique high-end jewellery pieces to mirror my clients’ personalities in a work of art, created homes and businesses to harmonize the exterior with the interior world of my clients. I’ve also won over 20 design awards by doing so.

As I coached others and the effects of what I would catalyze in others were surprising – including to myself. My teenage calling demonstrated to be true.

The unique humans I have been blessed to mentor have or are in the process of transforming their lives. Whether that be letting go of a lifetime’s weight in their hearts, finding their true calling as healers themselves, learning to love themselves unconditionally, forgiving their children, finding the job of their dreams and making a lot of money, finding their way to God inside of them, or simply discovering their essence and acquiring a deep sense of Self and burst of happiness due to it – the unimaginable is possible. See their testimonials here.

Bioharmonized® and with it the training THE ARCHITECTURE OF SELF- THE FOUNDATIONS and MASTERCLASS was created to support others in rebuilding the puzzle of their soul and become the happiest they have ever been.

Welcome to the most fantastic journey of your life—the journey to you.

Are you ready to become the happiest you have ever been?

What people are saying.

“I wouldn’t have had the impulse to deal with certain aspects of my Self and wouldn’t have gone certain paths without Sara’s empowering determination. Her combination of empathy, warm-heartedness and rigor have propelled me to implement the impulses given by her causing that I am motivated to exploit my full potential.

Thanks to her I live in an energy now which allows me to grasp my inner power and multiple layers of the Self pushing me forward. I can only warmly recommend Sara and her work, she has the talent to see the best in a person and bring it to the light.”

Andre Simon | Founder of the Visual Neurobiologic Stress Management | Essen, Germany

Imagine if?

  • Every morning you would wake up motivated & happy to go after what you truly want.
  • You woke up in the morning forgetting what day of the week it is, because you felt equally motivated to get up on any day?
  • Knew what you want to do and through this had a deep sense purpose
  • Enjoyed the ride that life is having your goal in mind without the despair of arriving at once.
  • Knew exactly what to do everyday to reach your goal and this true sense of purpose anchored you in difficult moments giving you a sense of control and making you feel like a rock.
  • Other people’s opinion did not influence your path anymore because of the certainty you have acquired to be on the right path
  • Felt like everyday brought you nearer to your goal of healing and completing what you have come to do
  • Felt a deep satisfaction and fullness.
  • Loved your Self compassionately and unconditionally because you knew you talents and weaknesses and was a peace with them.

What you will discover in depth

By taking you through these 6 life changing steps you will discover your personal architecture. The architecture of your Self. The consciousness you will gain by discovering the building blocks of your personality and soul will catalyze your transformation and make you move forward in a way you couldn’t imagine before.


What are your specific talents and aptitudes?

Did you know they are part of your karma? Which things are particularly easy for you to do? By doing which things do you thrive? Have you used any of these talents in your life already in your profession and personal life and if not why? What is your story? How can you discover whether a hidden talent may make you happy from now on?


What are the areas in your life where you could experience challenges?

Is the relationship with your mother difficult? Or do you tend to attract partners that you aliment with energy while they dont let you shine? Are you particularly good at manual work but can’t do any admin? There are thousands of questions like these and we will get to the bottom of the ones you wish to resolve to discover your true essence and free of what doesn’t belong to it..


How have these conditions influenced your life to become who you are today?

Has your generosity produced lots of abundance in your life, or are you constantly struggling to make your own living? You are competitive but could never positively express this. You grew up in a country that didn’t fit your personality, but you made it nevertheless. How can we transform any of this today? Again, there are thousands of possible situations, and we will look at your specific needs.


Have you done everything you could but still aren’t living the life you want?

Why do you always seem to help others but never get a leading position? How come you always need to justify to people? Why do your knees hurt on particular occasions keeping you from doing what you most would love to do? Why are you always trying to be in the physical shape you’d wish to have but always seem to fall out of it? Why aren’t you as abundant and prosperous with money, love and friendships as you would want to? Do you seem to boycott yourself?


What is your true life mission and the one thing you wish to finish in this lifetime?

Did you know every soul decides their life mission beforehand? This life mission can equally include creating a foundation to help children just as much as becoming more compassionate with beggars on the street. There are no rules because you make the rules. Discover what your mission is and get a clear sense of purpose and direction.


How is your home preventing you from being who you want to be?

Did you know that if you progress in life without making adjustments in your home, the transformation won’t stick? Because your home is the mirror of who you are, if you advance, these changes must be reflected in the spaces you inhabit. Let’s look at your home and what to tweak to support you in being your best.


How it works


In five one-on-one sessions of each 1.5 – 2.5 hours we will dive together into who you are, what is bothering you, which questions are unresolved and begin to tackle these aspects using the method we both will consider best. If you don’t know where to search and just have a sense that something isn’t moving forward, that’s good, too. I will find out with you, that’s my job.

Once we have individuated what to work on, we will start liberating aspects you wish to transform through tailored coaching and meditations designed specifically for you. Then, through energy and love and with with something others call my gift, the ability to see and feel your higher Self, we will start discovering and assembling the building blocks of the architecture of your Self.

According to what you specifically need and what we are searching for answers to, I might decide to add professionals specialized in other very unique fields, to accompany you into a few further eye opening sessions. These professionals are the result of a decade long research and highly talented and specialized in specific fields.

It is truly magical, wait and see.


After many years of coaching, therapy and healing I have discovered and tested dozens of techniques. Everyone has unique aspects to look at which need individual ways of handling. To be able to get to the bottom of different types of challenges, I developed my own process where I take you through several steps in which we will gradually discover which aspects you are ready to transform and move towards feeling happy, fulfilled, content, satisfied, but most of all steered into the right direction.


Lastly, we will discover your home together. through video and photo I will deep dive into your outer home which is a mirror of your Self. As you’ll discover how to read the elements you have created, you will gain further insight into The Architecture of your Self and meet your Self even further. By now you will know which aspects you wish to transform and we will prepare the necessary steps for you to implement the tweaks in your home as well.

Because what is inside in out and vice versa, correcting your home will further support you and fortify the transformative process you will be thriving in. No worries about remodeling. Whatever the situation that most suit you will be available to you. If you wish to just tweak what you have, you will be covered in this training. As we are all-round design professionals, you will be able to book anything further you need. From energy conscious architecture to neuroarchitecture interiors. To read more about this check here

Get ready to feel incredible forward thrust in life!

What people are saying.

“Sara is a natural psychic and highly intuitive. Her knowledge on how to direct and concentrate energy in buildings stems from many lifetimes and ancient cultures. She infuses the spaces she designs with energy which then reverts back to the people who inhabit them.

Her clients perceive how their spaces talk to them, as flashes of insight occur supplying them with answers to their lives.

I’ve known Sara for many years. She weaves together disciplines in a unique and pioneering way, enhancing people’s overall happiness and quality of life. Most importantly, Sara supports people to fulfil their soul’s purpose.”

Isobel Gatherer | International Psychic and Intuitive Reader and Energy Healer | United Kingdom


  • You are ready to leap, upscale, transform

  • You are tired of struggling without truly seeing any significant change

  • Have been wanting to change for a long time but didn’t know where to start

  • Are looking to get to know your Self, understand your Self and become your best friend

  • You have struggled with self love for some time

  • You are yawning (the body’s natural response to challenging  subjects)

  • You are scared, and the mere thought of having to deal with your pains or sadness freaks you out

  • You are still reading but have wanted to do something else since the start of this page


  • You want a quick, effortless fix

  • You are secretly hoping for one solution to all your questions

  • You are not willing to make time for yourself

  • You want to minimise your responsibility for your failures

  • You think you already know exactly why things aren’t working out for you


Transformation has a different time for everyone. Sometimes we are so ready to shed things, it happens in a millisecond. At other times we need to see our reasons with greater detail to acknowledge them and let them go for good. No one but you knows the path of your soul and that is a beautiful thing. You are free to decide how fast you want to progress. There is no pressure, only loving support from my side. I will accompany you on this path. Nothing can be forced and you will transform in the measure that feels right to you at the moment.

Dont be fooled though, this also means your progress will depend on you. Nothing ever happens without effort and that is a good thing, because we have come to learn. The learning experience is what widens our consciousness, opens our minds, gives us wisdom and makes us who we are. While I will not be able to do the work for you, there is one thing I can teach you: to become your own master and with it reach a personal power you have never accessed before.

“BIOHARMONIZED is an exclusive journey through your subconscious towards self-empowerment.”

Interested? So are we. We’d love to see you transform.

Due to the intense mental & physical effort this training requires, Sara Gabriella can only take a certain number of private clients every year. Take the quick test to see if this experience will work for you. We will get back in touch with you to book a discovery call with her.

Discover if you are able to transform now.

Wait, you are not sure?

I’m not surprised. And it makes me laugh to think of myself back when I deeply wanted that change but still couldn’t take certain steps. Let me tell you it’s not you. It’s your nervous system which tries to keep us alive.

Have a quick final look below where I’ve listed some the reasons why you are not sure if you want to live your best life.

You yawn reading this and want to click away

Our brain can’t tell the difference between physical and emotional pain. Did you know that? When we have to look at very painful things, we simply shut down, and the simplest response of the body is to become tired. I remember many sessions where I almost fell asleep myself! Rest assured, you have stuff to solve. We all do. And this is a good day to start. If you want to meet me personally, then click here.

Thinking of loving your Self makes you want to cry

The truth is, in most cases, no one ever taught us properly how to love our Selves. So how should we know? If I compliment you, can you take it wholeheartedly? Or do you cringe just at hearing it? If I tell you to put your hand on your chest and send love to your Self, are there tears you try to keep back? If that is so, let me tell you there is a universe on the other side of feeling like this. Once you heal that, your life will completely change, and you will do anything you wish to achieve. 

You have no budget for this!

Allow me to tell you my own story around coaching and healing: One day, I made a conscious decision. I decided to invest in my Self. Those weren’t days in which I was particularly wealthy. I consciously allocated money for my Self. Progressing was more important than anything else. I realized that the time I was getting closer to my goals, including earning good money, would speed up developing myself. I knew I would produce a multiple of what I was spending by being in my purpose. To decide whether you want to invest in your Self is a decision you need to make consciously. Only you can take it.

You have no time right now

Imagine this training becoming what transforms your daily life. The transformation becomes part of you, of how you behave and where you choose to spend time. Allocating time to progress is the best thing you can do in life. However, it is a decision you can take only on your own. Just as you are the only one able to decide to invest money into your Self, only you can choose to dedicate time to your Self. 

You feel guilty

Guilt, shame, feelings of unworthiness. We all have suffered from them, mostly all of them together! We will get rid of that if you decide to embark on this life changing adventure leaving you feeling free, happy, worthy and not having to apologize to anyone. Truly liberating!

You can’t decide yet

Go into your Self and ask your Self honestly, what is keeping you from being your best? Is it fear? Do you need to know something else? Let’s talk. Schedule a call here.

You feel scared of what might come up

After many years of healing myself, I can promise you absolutely EVERYTHING can be solved, just not alone. When we are alone, our thoughts hover in our heads as we try to reason. We all need someone to break down the facts, and it becomes incredibly simple! Whatever it is, we will resolve it with love and peace.

You wonder why to trust me

This program is an unexpected and unique blend of several disciplines, coaching, healing, and intuition work blended with techniques to help you implement what you are learning. If you’re ready to challenge the assumptions and beliefs that unconsciously hinder your progress, take the test and check out the testimonials to make your decision. I look forward to meeting you soon. 


How are the sessions held?

We will meet on zoom. The calls will be recorded for you to watch them again at any time. When we hold sessions with other professionals, I will be at your side and lead the conversation, as I will already know in which direction to search for answers.

When do we start?

We will arrange a start date as soon as possible. However, this coaching demands a lot of energy on my side, and I can only take a certain number of clients a year. The sessions will be held once per week and will need to be completed in 5 weeks.

Do I need to do anything besides showing up?

You will receive custom made exercises and meditations to support you on your path, which will be essential to your success. All of these will be specifically tailored to your unique needs.

I know nothing about karma, dharma and all those things. What now?

That’s why you have me! I will teach you and show you how it works, how to read life patterns, how to understand your life mission, how to use your intuition to discover your innate powers. 

Should I go for one-on-one coaching or access the Masterclass?

The Architecture of Self Foundations course is a one-on-one program where its building blocks are different for everyone. It’s as if you went to an architect (haha!) and designed your custom home. Except what we are doing here will teach you the language of your inner home and how to become one with it – your Self. Your coachings content will be unique to your needs. It’s the most custom made service you’ll probably ever receive as it is centred around your essence, what makes up who you are. My life mission is to support others in finding themselves, and my intuition is somehow tuned on that frequency: I see you.

The masterclass is a group in which we will be working at anything else that keeps you from living the life you desire through tweaking your home. As I won’t have met your essence in detail like on the foundation course, I will support you more generally. The masterclass is a good choice if you live well already and have no significant issues to resolve. You can book a one-on-one call with me at any time during the masterclass to resolve any open issues you encounter.

I have already done many courses. How is this different, and why should I trust you?

Crystal healing, psychotherapy, theta healing, sound healing, yoga, meditation, hypnosis, brainspotting, neuro-linguistic programming, rapid eye movement, breathwork, reiki, sekhem energy-healing, Eden energy medicine, past life regression, life between life hypnosis, akashic records, singing therapy… I can go on. I’ve tried so many. What you want is to see results and to discover where the problems lie. If you are reading these lines, you haven’t found the answers yet. The only thing I can assure you is that I see you 😉 Your best bet is to listen to the testimonials here

Why are we consulting other professionals?

I have worked with highly intuitive and specialized professionals on my own path and then with my clients. As everyone has particular themes in their lives which can best be resolved through various discoveries. After I sense what it could be that is blocking you, we reconfirm it in several ways. This will not only reconfirm what we found out, make you feel safe and convinced we are on the right path, but it will also bring up further detail on your particular questions. You also might need specific healing in an area outside of my expertise. Allow yourself to be surprised.

Why should I trust you?

I practise what I preach. That’s doesn’t mean I dont have shitastic days, too. Life is a learning experience and I still have a lot to learn. However, I have my dream job, I am at peace with my Self, I know where to go and what I want. And I can teach you that.

When do we start?

We will arrange a start date as soon as possible. However, this coaching demands a lot of energy on my side, and I can only take a certain number of clients a year. The sessions will be held once per week and will need to be completed in 5 weeks.

Is this a women-only training?

No. I believe men have their own challenges in these times. While there are some significant inequalities, I believe you can’t throw everybody into one pot. I have met many men who genuinely want to become their best, even at a spiritual level (to name something that isn’t business-related!) Men are very welcome and have experienced a great sense of peace by training with me. Many stereotypes and expectations they suffered from resolved themselves and gave them a deeper understanding of everything.

Can I talk to you, Sara?

Of course, you can, you must! No matter what, we will meet in a call once you have completed the test, so we further understand if I can coach you and if you are ready. Book a discovery call here! 

How much time do I need to do this program?

This training is just the start of your new journey. The time we will spend together will be 5 weeks for five sessions. Between sessions, I will be working for you with the information we discover each time and prepare the next steps. Because this is a genuinely life-changing program in which you will experience changes, insights, healings, and transformations that will occur every week. You will at times feel tired; that is entirely normal, as you will be integrating all the latest knowledge and insight and self-love we will have worked on. It’s unsuitable to do this program if you are under extreme work stress. You need to allocate several hours a week for our session (approx 2-3hrs), exercises and reflections (2-3 split on several days), time to love yourself and integrate.

What if it’s not for me? Do you give me a refund?

As you complete the entry test and we meet in a call, we will both know if this is the right program for you. Once you engage, there will be no need to doubt your decision and follow through with it. Hence the refunding question will not present itself.

I still have an unanswered question.

Please take the quick test and book a call here! I’d be happy to help.