The Architecture of Self – Foundations

Feeling deeply content and at peace while moving towards a goal can only happen when we are aware of and connected to our internal driving factors or life purpose. We feel useful and satisfied when our daily actions encounter correspondence in life.

The Architecture of Self Foundations Course takes you through a Bioharmonized A technique that optimizes your physiology and psychology, allowing you to access unreached states of creativity, freedom, and happiness through the spaces you inhabit. ™, bespoke process of uncovering the patterns of your life, distinguishing truth from fake karmic teachings, and liberating your Self to redefine your limits. Discover how your motivation is composed and what your life’s purpose, or dharma, is made of. Find clarity and implement everything you want your future Self to become within the walls of your home, accelerating and amplifying your journey through life.

The Architecture of Self – Masterclass

A specific set of features in our home constitutes the foundation for our development. Mostly unaware of these building blocks, our spaces often lack one or more of the tools we need to progress and efficiently reach our goals.

The Architecture of Self Masterclass takes you through 12 Bioharmonized™ steps where you realize existing and missing ingredients in the environment you inhabit, and tweak your home to support your evolution. Craft a space that is dynamic, superpowering, and propelling you forward on your path.


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