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I never know how to tell people who aren’t in “our” world (you know, the online space, AKA The Space) what I do. To some, I say “I have a copywriting business.” But then they either misunderstand and want to ask about copyrighting their idea (you can’t, btw) or they understand and say, “My jerk cousin needs to hire you, his website is terrible.” Thanks, sounds fun. 

What I really want to say is, “I write and teach things on the internet and money comes out.”

The way I do that is…courses! If you want one to call your own, the kind that makes the money come out, my friend Amy Porterfield’s the gal to get you started. (For free!)

Did you know there are 5 kinds or digital courses?

  1. Workshop Course (best way to dip your toe in the course pond – this lazy-butt’s personal fave)
  2. Starter Course (the jumping off point, where you help your student get started)
  3. The Spotlight Course (go deep into one specific thing, like: how to make cream cheese frosting)
  4. The Signature Course (teach that one thing you’re known for, or want to be – for instance, Amy’s the master of courses, so her signature course is Digital Course Academy)
  5. The Certification Course (teach people your unique process, so they can spread your magic across the land)

Which one’s right for you? Take the 2-minute quiz! (Full disclosure: it took me 3 minutes.)

Get opened. Get read. Get paid. Want in?

My smash-hit email copywriting course, Inbox Hero, will get you there!

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Imagine being able to crank out emails that…

 Stand out from all the dreck (and even the very best stuff) in someone’s inbox
– Build lasting know, like, trust, and hot business lust in your subscribers
– Get readers reaching, even running for their credit cards
– Position you as a leader and an authority — no wait, a GOD
 Get people so excited, they open your messages the second you appear in their inbox
– Pop with personality and riveting stories from your everyday life…in a way that brings clear value to your reader
– Prove so dangerously entertaining that people walk headfirst into poles while reading them….But even with temporary brain damage, they’ll remember one thing: YOU.

Already in The Copy Cure? (Go you! 🎉) These courses are the ultimate pairing! No material from Copy Cure is repeated, but Inbox Hero and Story Hero will reinforce and complement it perfectly.